The Biggest Christian Movie Star on the Planet

“Yeah, I talk about Jesus in interviews. You got a problem with that?”

Is Chris Pratt.

Or should I have said, simply, “The Biggest Movie Star on the Planet” — full stop, at least for this weekend? Or maybe “The Biggest Movie Star on the Planet Is a Christian”?

Jurassic World had the second biggest U.S. opening in history and is the first film ever to pass $500 million worldwide in its opening weekend.

By all accounts Pratt is a good guy, obviously talented (he will always be Andy Dwyer to me), and at 36 has a lifetime of eye-popping (I only saw Guardians of the Galaxy because he was in it), surprising (think Zero Dark Thirty), and, let’s hope, inspiring work ahead of him.

Here’s how the Parks and Rec writers explained Pratt’s giant weight loss at one point in the series’s run — the result of training for an off-season movie role, I’m guessing Guardians of the Galaxy, as this episode was probably shot summer 2013, and Guardians was released in 2014. Plus, Pratt had to put on 60 pounds immediately after filming Zero Dark Thirty, which was released in 2012, for yet another movie. And yes, there will be a quiz.

P.S. My headline could also, easily, apply to this guy.