The Real Real Jesus

So every year around Easter we’re treated to the same spectacle: the miserable atheist communists in what we call the mainstream media run a TV or print series on “Finding the Real Jesus” or “Was Jesus Married?” or “Jesus Didn’t Exist and He Would Have Been the First to Say So” or “The Gospel of Judas’s Soccer Coach”—you know, to get consumers in the spirit of the holiday, which, as the New York Times knows all too well, celebrates the birth of jazz.

As Christians know all too well, the attempt to identify a Jesus outside the apostolic witness found in the New Testament has yielded, at best, contradictory and at time hilarious results.

Rather than whine about it, I think we should make this one of those newfangled “teachable moments.” Roman/Anglo Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutherans should pay for billboards nationwide with the following:

“The REAL Real Jesus”

Oh the outrage…