A Strange Lecture: Alister McGrath on the Necessity of Faith and Science


Alister McGrath, who has written three books since I started typing this, adding to an oeuvre that consists of Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, The Dawkins Delusion (coauthor), Historical Theology: An Introduction to Christian Thought, and his classic Iustitia Dei, gave this talk recently on the subject of faith in a scientific age.

The single angle on the speaker, an awkward one at that, does not make for compelling viewing, but you’re really just supposed to listen.

And listen for the Stephen Hawking quote about the Big Bang. “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.” Huh? That’s like saying, because there are laws that regulates speeds, the laws can and will create superhighways. Or, in other words, “I don’t believe in God, so God can’t be an answer to why there is something rather than nothing, so spontaneous creation must be true, because I’ve got nothing else, because physics.” If a Christian tried to argue like that, he or she would be laughed off any podium in the cosmos.

But McGrath is too gracious to put it in quite those terms. He prefers to simply dismantle Hawking’s argument before your eyes in a deliberate and systematic fashion. Fine…

So watch. No, better, listen.


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