Strange Quote of the Day: Christopher Esget


In my own homiletical training, I was instructed to avoid talk of the new obedience. “Leave that to the Holy Spirit.” But the Spirit works through means, including the preaching that the people hear from their pastor. Over years of reading patristic and early-Lutheran homilies, it struck me that no one preached the way Lutheran pastors are taught to preach today. Luther and the Fathers were keen to instruct their people in the way of righteousness.

I’m still struggling with how to work this out in my own preaching. I fail often, and pray that God overlooks whatever foolishness my people are forced to suffer on my account.

Nevertheless, I do think the key is to be found in the pattern of the Augustana, which moves from sin (article II) to Christ (III) to Justification (IV) to New Obedience (VI). Or more simply in the Small Catechism, Repentance (Commandments), Faith (Creed), and Holy Living (Our Father).

—”How Do Lutherans Use the Law?


3 thoughts on “Strange Quote of the Day: Christopher Esget

    1. I know one pastor who has been pleasantly (and sometimes not so pleasantly) shocked at the paucity of Gospel proclamation in Walter sermons (untranslated yet) and untranslated Luther sermons he’s been reading. Which is not to say we should necessarily emulate that and preach less Gospel, but the amount of exhortation and “instructing in the way of righteousness” is a good corrective to our modern sermons.


  1. Preach the law…and hard. To expose and drive to Christ.

    And then hand Him over…freely…fully…purely…with no strings of the law attached.

    That is your job, preacher of the Word.


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