The Lutherans Song (with Apologies to Adam Sandler and to Music)

The question, of course, is: How many remained Lutheran? Certainly not Steve Jobs. Bruce Willis? Garrison Keillor is now an Episcopalian, if I’m not mistaken. You may as well throw in Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche. It takes a leap of faith to say that Kierkegaard was an orthodox Lutheran. It’s more accurate to say he was just Kierkegaard™, dammit.

14 thoughts on “The Lutherans Song (with Apologies to Adam Sandler and to Music)

  1. HHS Secretary and former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sibelius is definitely not Lutheran — she labels herself Catholic; however, with her longtime support for abortion here in Kansas it is questionable as to how devoutly she adheres to that church.
    It should be noted that as Governor she was closely allied with the assasinated late-term abortionist George Tiller, who was a Lutheran. He was a member of an ELCA church in Wichita after he was asked to leave his LCMS congregation for obvious reasons.


  2. St. Olaf was a Lutheran? His bones lie in a Lutheran cathedral, but if you’d tried to sell him on sola scriptura, he’d have tried to cut your head off.

    And Garrison Keiller is not a Lutheran. He was raised Plymouth Brethren. People think he’s Lutheran because he makes jokes about us, but he’s talking about Minnesota, for cat’s sake.


    1. According to Wiki, he left the Brethren and was attending a Lutheran church in New York (probably St. Peter’s in the Citicorp building). He is now an Episc.


    1. Oh of course — the real joke of the video is that virtually no one named in the song is still a Lutheran. Even Luther would have balked at being called a Lutheran. He was an Augustinian …

      And welcome, Peter. The STRANGE HERRING staff, board of directors, editorial consultants, and emergency medical team are big fans!


  3. Anthony, great point re: Luther. I bet he’d just love the deliberate mistranslation of “catholic” into “Christian” in the LSB’s version of the creeds.


  4. Nice rants. As a RC who swam the Tiber the other way I find “Christian” for “catholic” silly and superstitious.

    The word is like a boogeyman. In my first parish — in the midwest — I’d get strange questions about Communion practices (e.g., did Catholics rip up the carpet and burn it when a drop of consecrated wine fell) or about indulgences as if the Pope were Pope Tetzel XXI.

    They were amazed that RC and Lutheran Altar Circles do almost exactly the same thing. No burning.


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