World Bible Society Prez Says Jesus Returns Around 2018, Jersey Shore Not So Much

Just when you thought the whole Rapture/date-setting mishegoss was finally, finally over, another would-be Jeremiah sets out to humiliate himself.

This time it’s the president of the World Bible Society, F. Kenton Beshore. You see, just like Harold Camping, he’s spent his entire life studying Scripture and has become convinced of two things: the Rapture will occur before 2021, and Jesus will return sometime between 2018 and 2028.

“There are 144,000 Jews during the Tribulation who are going to turn to the Lord,” 86-year-old Beshore said in a statement. “Now, we are all going to be gone (following the Rapture).

“But if we can get our Jewish Scriptures into their hands now, the Holy Spirit will lead them to them at the right time. They may have set them aside, but they will read them, turn to the Lord and lead billions and billions to Jesus.”

He adds that by releasing this statement, he hopes that at this time of global economic, political and spiritual crisis, to inspire believers to get prepared for the greatest opportunity for worldwide evangelism in the last 2,000 years.

Beshore, who began his ministry at 19 years of age and has earned five doctoral degrees in theology, today leads the World Bible Society, a Christian organization that has distributed nearly 60 million copies of the Bible to over 65 nations around the world.

Five doctoral degrees! That’s one more than four doctoral degrees!

Well, you don’t need a doctorate in business to know that an imminent Rapture is good for the Bible-distributing business. Which is not to malign the motives of Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Beshore. I’m sure he’s as earnest in his beliefs as I am that he’s wrong. But if you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. If you know what I mean.

Now I would be dee-lighted to know that Jesus’s return is just around the corner. My bags are packed. I’m done, finished, through. I’m outta here. (I’ve even written a nasty note to Verizon Wireless to be read mid-Trib.)

But do we really have to revisit the theology of the Rapture again? I don’t think so. So I’ll leave you with this, from the Chairman of the Board (not of the World Bible Society, it should be noted):


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