This Is Why Lutherans Need Their Own Channel on Patheos

Because I guarantee you, after watching this video, most evangelicals will be going: That…that can’t be right…

Most Catholics will be going: Yes, but, on the other hand, well, yes, but—

Most Orthodox will be going: There are still Lutherans? Weren’t they all wiped out by the Habsburgs in the 17th century?

And most mainliners and progressives will be going: Catechism? What is this, 1950?

You see, Lutherans are the original Evangelicals but not evangelicals lowercase. They are catholic in their faith but not Roman Catholic. They are orthodox in terms of the ecumenical creeds but not Eastern Orthodox.

This is why none of the existing channels quite work.


7 thoughts on “This Is Why Lutherans Need Their Own Channel on Patheos

  1. This man pastors a church in Northern Illinois. I could hear him preach if I were willing to make the trip. But until about a year ago he pastored a church in Philadelphia. You could have gone to hear him preach if you were willing to make the trip.

    But if we DO get a channel, this guy needs to be on it too.


    1. Well, this is weird. I am on Mapquest this very minute trying to figure out the route to that church, which just installed Fisk’s replacement.

      And I almost did hear Fisk preach, but he left before I had the chance. (He probably heard I was coming…)

      And yes, Fiene is also very talented.


  2. Wow. This is powerful stuff. I’ve been feeling a need to find a church more than the MegaChurch I attend with my folks (mostly out of convenience, sadly.) it’s not terrible And sometimes they hit a stride of true biblical truths. I have to say I’m being drawn to Lutheranism and this video is a BIG tug. Clear, concise and absolutely biblical. I live in San Jose and I’m not sure what the good Lutheran church’s are in this area. Too bad Fisk isn’t our here!


  3. Orientem,
    Thank you for your response, the list is a help and I truly appreciate it. And your blog.
    I have ran into I a little difficulty in that my fiance, who grew up nominally Roman Catholic and was introduced to megachurch evangelicalism and Assemblies Of God pentacostalsim through me and my family is having a hard time with the idea of possibly switching to a whole other denomination after finding herself truly enjoying and getting closer to Jesus through these churches. But she is very willing to check Lutheranism out with me.


  4. Lutherans do indeed need a channel on Patheos. Do you know any of those people? I think I know someone involved with that venture. Have you made this plea, or will mine be a cold call?


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