“Cosmic Origins”: Neither Creationism nor Materialism

So who knew? Had I not gone on my buddy John Kennedy’s Bnet blog, I would not have known that Barbara Nicolosi had coproduced with Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., a new documentary, Cosmic Origins—a “mind-expanding film about creation, science, and faith”—featuring an embarrassment of Christian riches opining on how a close examination of the physics of the universe points to more than just order but order with a purpose.

The doc is hosted by my friend Stephen Barr of the University of Delaware and teacher Angela Baraquio Grey, and features interviews with Nobel laureate Arno Penzias, Templeton Prize winners John Polkinghorne and Michael Heller, astronomers Jennifer Wiseman and Owen Gingerich, and theoretical particle physicist Lisa Randall (who’s from Queens!).

Check out the film’s website for screenings near you. Then watch the trailer here:


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