Mike Licona Answers His Critics


matthew27Mike Licona is a New Testament scholar, member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and the author and co-author of several well-regarded books on the defense of the historical resurrection of Jesus.

Buried deep in a lengthy tome, Licona opined that Matthew 27:52-53, that strange passage about tombs breaking open and saints being raised and entering the holy city, may be a case of apocalyptic language and not to be taken literally. Frankly, I thought this was old news as far as acceptable interpretations went.

Of course not. Norman Geisler and Albert Mohler, to name the two most noisome of Licona’s opponents, vigorously criticized this supposed threat to the inerrancy of Scripture and the foundation of everything pious and pure.

Well, Licona has struck back, with this little talk at EPS. It’s easy to see why someone like this makes fundamentalists uneasy. I mean, the lesson in ancient rhetoric is enough to send them into seizures. He may as well have been quoting Fr. Raymond Brown.

But it the recording of J.I. Packer, about 26 minutes into Licona’s talk, discussing the various ways in which to interpret Genesis 1-3, that’s most telling. Wake me when the Digital Torquemadas go after the author of Knowing God.

Via Boar’s Head Tavern.


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